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Why Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol is the Best Brand Resveratrol
The premium supplement Perfect ResGrape is our #1 resveratrol product pick. It is our selection for Best Brand and Best Value. It meets all of our criteria, and when you examine the facts we know you will agree. It contains only the highest purity of trans-resveratrol and pure, dried premium Muscadine grapes. There are no other products like Perfect ResGrape. Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol has no added ingredients and no mysterious proprietary blends. Perfect ResGrape contains all-natural resveratrol and NOT Synthetics! It is an exceptional supplement from a quality company with a great reputation for honest-to-goodness, pure products and outstanding customer service. Order Perfect ResGrape by clicking on the photo of the Perfect ResGrape bottle anywhere on this site.

Low-Purity Resveratrol Supplements Contain Large Amounts of Emodin Ė What is Emodin? - Why You Should Avoid Emodin?
Many products are made with low-purity trans-resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed. These products usually contain high amounts of Emodin, which is a problem. Emodin can cause gastrointestinal issues for many people because it can act as a laxative and can cause stomach cramps, bloating and more. High-purity supplements like Perfect Resgrape have insignificant amounts of emodin.

Drinking Wine and Eating Peanuts Wonít Do The Trick
To get the amounts the researchers are talking about, you have to drink massive amounts of wine (a thousand bottles of wine?) and/or tons of peanuts. Thatís not practical. You can't do it in that way. Scientists from some big drug companies are working on synthetic or chemical versions of the substance, which they hope to market as a patented drug some day. But this would mean that many of the beneficial substances, like the polyphenols that are found in grapes, would not be included in the synthetic version.

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PERFECT RESGRAPE RESVERATROL - 99% Trans-Resveratrol & Whole Food Muscadine Grapes