50 Best Healthy Mexican Food

Trying to eat a little healthier? It doesn’t have to mean giving up on your favorite foods. For us, that’s Mexican cuisine—we just can’t get enough of its wide variety of flavors, textures and colorful dishes. Relatable? These 50 healthy Mexican recipes are proof you can have it all, whether you’re cutting carbs, going vegan, or just trying to add more veggies to your diet. Paired with all the classic Mexican sides and drinks, they might just have you feeling like you’re oceanside in Tulum. 😎

We know health looks different to different people, so we’ve included options for every diet, like keto, vegan, pollo- or pescatarian, gluten-free, and even low oil. Craving Mexican classics like tacos or burritos, but trying to ditch the carbs? Try our cabbage burritos, our zucchini enchiladas, or our taco tomatoes. Looking to cut out your red meat consumption? Our Mexican chicken recipes have your back—some standouts here include our grilled chicken street tacos, our cheesy salsa chicken & cauliflower rice skillset, or our copycat Chipotle chicken burrito bowl. Want something plant-based? Try our chipotle vegan queso, our vegan crunchwraps, or our vegan chipotle lentil tacos. Want one of Mexico’s super crunchy dishes, but aren’t stoked on the deep frying? Your air fryer to the rescue! Our air fryer chimichangas or our air fryer chicken taquitos are proof you can get all the crispy texture you crave, without all that oil.

Want some drinks to go with your healthy and light Mexican feast? Try some of our favorite summer cocktails, our fave non-alcoholic beverages, and our best sangrias. We also have a host of Mexican desserts to round out your meal, because at Delish, we believe desserts = balance.

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