Aditya Birla Health Insurance aims to set the tone for future campaigns with #KyaPeecheChhodaHai

The brand launched a TVC on January 27 that will be followed by a digital campaign shortly.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance (ABHI) has just come out with a marketing campaign. ABHI recently completed six years in the health insurance business, and is aiming to promote its customer proposition ‘HealthReturns’ with a new campaign, titled ‘Kya Peeche Chhoda Hai’.

‘HealthReturns’ enables policyholders to earn up to 100% of their premium. This can be accrued on the basis of ‘Healthy Heart Score’a fitness assessment results, and the number of ‘active dayz’ recorded on a monthly basis.

A customer can earn ‘active dayz’ by undertaking any prescribed fitness activities, like walking 10,000 steps or regular exercises or yoga sessions, etc. The funds earned as ‘HealthReturns’ can be used for payment of renewal premiums and other non-medical expenses, out-patient expenses, etc.

“We wanted to make this campaign a discussion about health, rather than a product-first debate. Our offerings and services are designed around this thought, to give us an opportunity to talk to our consumers about health and fitness,” Mayank Bathwal, CEO, ABHI, tells afaqs!.

The campaign features four ABHI customers, and how ‘HealthReturns’ has helped them leave behind certain physical issues, as they start focusing on attaining the 10,000 steps a day to get the ‘HealthReturns’ policy.

Bathwal says that ABHI is trying to take the health-first conversation to the market through the lens of the experiences it has created for its consumers.

“The TVC part of the campaign features four of our actual consumers. There will be many more whose stories will be used in our digital campaign later.”

Dentsu Creative is the agency behind the TVC, and the digital agencies are Mindshare and Connect Media. Bathwal shares that ABHI really liked Dentsu’s concept of getting the customers involved in developing the creative output.

The TVC was released during the India versus New Zealand cricket match on January 27. The company will also be releasing the campaign on news, sports, general entertainment channels, OTT, InShorts, Swiggy, YouTube, etc.

“The idea was to launch the campaign with a bang. Our target audience is someone who can afford a health insurance product and is also aware of their health. It is a large group. Cricket is a popular medium and it is our sense that viewership will be very high here,” added Bathwal.

He shares that social media influencers will be an important part of the campaign. The TVC features fitness influencer, Rohit Khandelwal. Some more fitness influencers have been identified so that they can be brought on board.

The 10,000-step challenge is also part of the digital campaign. The challenge will be launched a week after the TVC is released. Through this, the company plans to bring forth more customer stories on its social media platforms. Bathwal shares that the company will be encouraging more people to share their fitness stories with it on its digital campaign. The company will identify and highlight fitness journeys in upcoming ads.

“This sets the tone for our future. #KyaPeecheChhodaHai is not a one-time thing. We can build more campaigns, as we can get more interesting stories from our customers.”

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