Christina Hall Shares Secrets to Her ‘Healthy Lifestyle’

Christina Hall Shares Secrets to Her ‘Healthy Lifestyle’

Christina Hall may be a busy mom of three, but she still maintains a “healthy lifestyle” to keep her looking — and feeling — her best.

“I eat healthy and organize. I prioritize good facials and skincare and I do IVs. I do a lot for my health because being on and having energy is so important to me,” Hall, 40, exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly.

Hall adds that her secret weapon is simply finding time to “move every day” no matter what her schedule looks like.

“That usually consists of a nice walk with the dogs or a light 20-minute cardio routine or the Peloton,” she continues, noting that she “used to work out really hard” in her 20s due to “anxiety” but has since opted for a slightly more leisurely regimen.

“If I didn’t run five miles, I felt like my head was going to explode,” she tells Us. “Then it started making me feel sick. Now if I overexert myself, I don’t feel great.”

While she may not be running multiple miles these days, Hall – who is the lead of her own HGTV show, Christina on the Coast and its subsequent spin off, Christina in the Country — has no plans to slow down any time soon. “I don’t know how to be bored,” she explains. “I thrive in chaos and newness and I just like testing myself and thinking about what’s next. … I have big goals for the next 10 years, and I’ll be going very hard. Maybe [I’ll change] in my 50s or 60s — we’ll see!”

While Hall’s work life has gone off without a hitch, she’s seen her fair share of ups and downs in her private life over the years. Christina secretly tied the knot with her husband Joshua Hall in April 2022 and their union marks her third marriage. She was previously married to Tarek El Moussa from 2009 to 2018 and the pair share daughter Taylor, 12, and son Brayden, 7. She later wed Ant Anstead in 2018 and the twosome welcomed son Hudson, 2, before calling it quits in 2020.

Christina Hall Shares Secrets to Her 'Healthy Lifestyle': 'I Move Every Day'

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She splits custody with both El Moussa, 41, and Anstead, 44 — and admits to Us that co-parenting can come with its challenges.

“It can be difficult,” she shares. “But as long as the kids come first — and they do it for all of us — that’s all that matters. Even when there’s an incident, or someone’s upset, if the kids are happy and healthy, the rest is logistics.”

One thing Christina has learned — and something she bestows on her little ones — is to give herself grace while comparing herself to what other people share online.

“No one’s life is perfect. In this social media era of ‘best of reels’ and filters, you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors,” she explained. “As I tell my kids, that’s not real life.”

Instead, Christina is focused on her life off of social media, including enjoying time with her spouse. Josh — who has taken on “stepdad duties” with her three kids — just threw her an epic French-Riviera-themed bash in Newport Beach, California, to celebrate her 40th birthday earlier this month.

However, while the lovebirds are enjoying co-raising her kids — they “tag team” daily activities — the reality star tells Us that there are no plans to expand their family further anytime soon.

“Nope, that door is closed! We talked about that when we met,” she tells us, laughing. “We’re just too busy, and I don’t feel like that’s fair. When we don’t have the kids we have time to ourselves, and that’s something that takes our relationship strong.”

For more details on how Christina manages her healthy lifestyle, pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly — on newsstands now.

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