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in the news: New research from Sweden is showing that people who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) have a much higher chance of getting strokes sometime in their lifetime.

IBD increases future stroke risks.

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Doctor’s expert Insights about Managing Stroke Risk and Your Health in Montana

Know this: “This study clearly highlights the important need for early screening and proactive management of stroke risk factors in people who have IBD. The good news here is that stroke risk can be very well managed. This means, keeping your blood pressure normal, blood sugars normal, weight normal, and remaining physically active. Please talk to your healthcare team and ensure that you and your doctor are working on mitigating risks. Also, this study highlights the importance of managing disease and its adjacent health risks. The whole body approach is important in the context of health and wellness.” Dr. Shelandra Bell, Family Medicine.

Missoula’s next steps: Talk to your doctor to find out what your cholesterol levels are.

You should know that high cholesterol can lead to strokes. Also, talk to your doctor and find out what your ASCVD score is. This test can provide guidance on how to reduce your risk of heart attack. (Visit Resource Here)

living in Missoula, the following health facts impact your well-being directly!

Did you know there were 440.0 deaths from strokes in Montana in 2021?

Did you know there were 96.0 deaths from hypertension in Montana in 2021?

81.1% of you in Missoula County had their cholesterol screened last year.

14.4% of you in Missoula County lack time for leisure physical activities.

All of these variables play an important role in your overall health and cardiovascular health.

What they’re saying:

“Patients with IBD were at an increased risk of stroke, especially of ischemic events, irrespective of the IBD subtype. The excess risk persisted even 25 years after diagnosis. These findings highlight the need for clinical vigilance about the long-term excess risk of cerebrovascular events in IBD patients.” (Study Source)


TheJournals neurology published the findings: Long-term Risk of Stroke in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Population-Based, Sibling-Controlled Cohort Study, 1969–2019 (Read it Here)

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