Simple Easy Healthy Food Snack Alternatives Ideas

Simple Easy Healthy Food Snack Alternatives Ideas

A big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only about the activities we do with our bodies but what we put in our bodies too. Keeping our bodies nourished between meals can take a little planning. When cravings hit, we might reach for our favorite sweet or salty snacks for a quick fix, which could leave us still looking for the fuel our bodies need to make it through the day.

Finding healthy snack alternatives is a delicate balance between feeling satisfied without the guilt of overindulgence. While it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right foods for your body, it’s also okay to have a little fun with your meals and snacks, because eating shouldn’t leave us feeling intimidated or ashamed. Snacking on your favorite foods should be just as fun as incorporating physical activity into your day,

Discovering what fruits and veggies your body likes, gives you energy, and satisfies you is an act of self-care that keeps you motivated to hit your goals and give your body the love it deserves. To help you get to snacking and eating your colors, we’ve put together a list of fun and flavorful snack combinations that will kick your cravings to the curb.

1.Dates + Peanut Butter + Semi-Sweet Chocolate

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When you combine dates, peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate, you get a sweet and savory treat that is both filling and nutritious. Dates provide natural sweetness, along with peanut butter that adds protein and healthy fats, and the semi-sweet chocolate gives it a delicious chocolate flavor. This bite-size snack is best served frozen.

2.Tomatoes + Avocados + Lime

Tomatoes and avocados with lime juice is a snack combo that feels like a fiesta to your taste buds. Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and are a powerful antioxidant, with avocados providing a great source of healthy fats and fiber to keep you fuller for longer. Add a hint of lime to bring the snack together and enjoy with plantain or low-sodium tortilla chips.

3.Cucumbers + Carrots + Hummus

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This crunchy snack is one you won’t be able to put down. Cucumbers and carrots are low in calories, making them a great snack option for those who are watching their calorie intake. Hummus pairs perfectly with these veggies and can act as a delicious dip and savory spread.

4.Boiled Eggs + Everything Bagels Seasoning + Slice of Toast

No need to fear going over your bread intake when you have this tasty combo by your side. When combined, boiled eggs, a sprinkle of Everything Bagel seasoning, and a slice of whole-grain toast make for a well-rounded and balanced meal or snack.

5.Greek Yogurt + Berries + Granola

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Sweet, crunchy, and fruity, what else could you ask for in a snack? This delicious pairing is perfect when you’re looking for a quick midday snack or breakfast option that’s versatile and easy to prepare.

6.Fresh Apple Slices + Almond Butter

Looking for a nutrient-rich treat? Apples and almond butter are always going to come through. With apples being a great source of fiber coupled with almond butter’s packed-in protein and healthy fats, together you’ll have a nutrient-dense snack that will keep your tummy happy and body energized.

7.Green Smoothie + Almonds/Cashews/Pistachios

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Take a sip (and bite) of the yummy snack. Green smoothies made with almonds, cashews, or pistachios can be a great way to start your day or provide a healthy energy boost. With this snack combo, you’ll be getting your dose of vitamins and iron in smoothie form along with bites of protein from your assortment of nuts. How can you lose?

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