The Latest Science on PSMF, Carnivore & Keto: How to Manipulate Macros to Achieve Your Goals!

The Latest Science on PSMF, Carnivore & Keto: How to Manipulate Macros to Achieve Your Goals!

So many of you have been asking me to hold another class because you learned so much in the last class that Craig and I decided to teach all of you the latest science!

We are always on the hunt for the latest science on how our bodies work and this NEW class will BLOW YOUR MIND! I only wish I had time to teach the class before September!

The first protein sparing class (which you can still get the recording HERE) gives you all the details about what PSMF (Pure Protein) days are all about, the science and biology behind why they work and how to do them.

This class will make you look at your protein sparing, carnivore and keto diet much differently and understand how to eat a healthy lifestyle. It will also give you the tools to help you achieve your weight loss goal and much more.

Some interesting facts you will learn in this class:

  1. How your body processes fuels.
  2. What is Insulin’s true role? (Hint, its not just a storage hormone)
  3. What is adiponectin and why is it important?
  4. What is the science behind Personal Fat Threshold?
  5. Why it’s important to have Happy fat cells.
  6. Why fasting insulin is more important than insulin spikes with food.
  7. What is a Good blood sugar spike?
  8. What is more nutrient dense, high fat carnivore or protein prioritized carnivore.
  9. Why dietary fat consumption has to change based on your goals.
  10. Cooking examples.
  11. Meal Prep and food planning.
  12. How to make efficient use of your time in the kitchen.
  13. How to make this a lifestyle for the whole family!

WHEN: September 17th from 12-2pm central standard time

WHERE: My home in Hudson Wisconsin (limited availability) and ONLINE worldwide by Webinar!

NOTE: Everyone (both online and in our home) will receive 30 day access to the video of the class the day after in case you miss anything or want to review.

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