We don’t need “fun-sized” health insurance

Dr. James Fieseher

We’ve all seen those little so-called “fun-sized” candy bars, those tiny, single-bit chocolates that are individually wrapped and come in plastic bags, usually in groups of 10 or 20.

Dr.  James Fieseher

If your idea of ​​fun is spending more time trying to unwrap a single bite of chocolate than it takes to eat it, then you might find the label “fun-sized” to be quaint. Otherwise, we might forgive the marketing genius who coined that term, since the more appropriate label of “annoying-sized” would probably not sell very well.

“Fun-sized” candy bars is a good example of the practice of raising profits by putting less product in a package (downsizing the product) while keeping the price the same. Other examples of downsizing include a bag of Peet’s coffee now comes in 10.2-ounce bags, down from 12-ounce bags. The smaller size sells for the same price as the 12 oz. size, but you get less product. It’s perfectly legal, but a sneaky way to raise prices.

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