7 Foods Suzanne Somers Eats for Weight Loss

Whether you know Suzanne Somers for her TV sitcom days or for squeezing her way to shape with the iconic workout device ThighMaster, the actress is forever a legend in Hollywood and is still beloved today. the Three’s Company star went on to also make a name for herself in the health space with her fitness products and workout routines and is seen as a savvy businesswoman for her endeavors. At 76 years old, the star is in amazing shape and here are the seven foods she relies on to stay fit and what experts say about her healthy diet.

From consuming nutrient-dense foods to favoring organic and whole options, Somers’ dietary philosophy underscores the importance of making mindful food choices. Her emphasis on essential vitamins and steering clear of restrictive diets adds to the allure of her approach. So let’s take a closer look at how this iconic star’s dietary wisdom can inspire us all towards a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.


Some people eat a lot of foods rich in nutrients and protein that fuel the body like eggs, whole grain toast, lamb and vegetables, according to a 2020 interview the star did with Hollywood Life.

What the Expert Says: Melanie Murphy RichterRDnutritionist and instructor at Nutrition Physiology at the University of California Irvine, says, “When we don’t eat nutrient-dense foods and well-balanced meals, we risk not getting adequate nutrients into our body that it needs to function properly. When our body doesn’t function properly, the you might experience could begin with fatigue or being a bit tired throughout the day, perhaps it then turns into brain fog or lack of motivation to workout or make dinner, and eventually, you’ll find yourself getting sick more often or even developing a chronic illness which will absolutely keep you from being outside and/or moving your body the way you’d prefer. She adds, “The best way to ensure that you stay energized, motivated, and recovering properly is to eat three well-balanced, nutrient-dense meals with all three of the main macronutrients and a variety of colorful vegetables. To take it one step further, focus on eating a good dose of carbohydrates before your workout to fuel your fitness, and eat between 20 – 30g of protein within an hour or two of working out to ensure you’re recovering properly and maximizing your muscle synthesis.”

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Somers said that she only eats organic. “I eat grass-fed or organic protein. All my food is organic,” she told Hollywood Life.”She added, “Where I grew up everything was organic (even though they didn’t know it) because they weren’t spraying poison on our foods.”

What the Expert Says: Jesse Feder, RDN, CPT with My Crohns and Colitis Team adds, “Eating only organic may reduce your chances of ingesting pesticides and other synthetic chemicals that are linked to adverse health conditions. Organic foods do not contain any synthetic sprays or additives and may supply you with more nutrients compared to the non-organic alternatives. This can help boost your health and help you stay in shape.” Shane Mikesky, RDwho is also a Performance Coach at fitness app Future adds, “While organic foods provide comparable nutritional profiles to non-organic counterparts, organic foods can aid in the sustainability of farming, along with reducing the use of chemicals in the foods we eat.”

whole foods diet

Somers believed in eating whole foods and said, “I eat real food. I eat butter, cream, sour cream, olive oil, and full-fat cream cheese.”

What the Expert Says: According to Mikesky, “By incorporating more whole foods into the diet, we are able to get fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are typically lost in processed foods. In addition, processed foods tend to have higher sodium and calories as a result of increased fat and added sugar for taste. By incorporating more whole foods, this helps to reduce the overall caloric intake, aiding in maintaining a healthy weight.”

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Somers are mindful of the type of food she’s consuming and putting into her body. “When you get yourself on a regimen where you’re eating right and not eating chemicals, you don’t get any strange cravings, because it’s the chemicals that cause the craving,” she told the outlet. “The way that works is, when you eat, let’s say a fast food hamburger, the brain goes, ‘OK, I didn’t get what I needed there. I didn’t get the minerals. I didn’t get the right vitamins… Let’s just have some more.'”

What the Expert Says: “Staying away from hyper-palatable foods high in sugar and fat can reduce your cravings for them over time because it allows the brain to ‘rewire’ its reward system,” Sports performance dietitian Destiny Moody, RD, CSSD, LD, tells us. “For example, if someone always eats ice cream when they are stressed, the brain becomes programmed to start craving ice cream or foods like it when they become stressed. Eating a healthy diet and making that your new normal can eliminate these cravings by ‘teaching’ your body that this way of eating is what to expect now. Finally, eating a nutrient-rich diet can resolve the issue if you are overeating because of nutrient deficiencies.”


Somers avoids the latest weight loss craze and revealed,”I’m never on a diet.” Instead, she focuses on clean eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

What the Expert Says: Rregistered holistic nutritionist Irazema Garcia says, “Dieting usually comes with restrictions. There are rules to follow and guilt or shame associated with not following said rules. Giving yourself grace and setting yourself up with a realistic approach to a long-term lifestyle can yield more positive results. Without restrictions and rules, you begin to trust your intuition a bit more. She adds, “Most people on diets learn to trust the rules rather than the cues their own bodies are sending. They deprive themselves of things and label food as good or bad. When you step away from the diet mindset chances are a new mindset appears. You do not need to binge on cookies on your one cheat day as a form of rebellion because you have the freedom to choose a cookie whenever you actually want to.”

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The actress doesn’t deprive herself and includes red meat, tequila, and a little sugar in her diet, but is careful about how much she eats, Hollywood Life reports.

What the Expert Says: “While sugar isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the diet when consumed in moderation, reducing the amount of processed sugars we have in our diet can help to maintain a healthy weight,” Mikesky explains. “Reducing processed sugar intake helps to reduce overall caloric intake which, in turn, contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.” Moody added, “Eating excess refined sugar, especially for sedentary individuals, can promote harmful inflammation and increase the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. However, the distinction must be made that added refined sugar is much different from natural sugars, such as dairy and fruit. These natural sugars do not cause the same adverse effects. They are also not empty calories like foods that tend to have a lot of added sugar and natural sugar sources that can also provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

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Spinach Banana Berries Green Smoothie

Somers starts her day off with a smoothie made with kale, spinach, ginger and apples. “I’m getting my three cups of vegetables a day, right there,” she told Hollywood Life.

What the Expert Says: “A smoothie with kale, spinach, ginger, and apples brings lots of nutrients to the diet,” Mikesky says. “Kale and spinach are great sources of vitamins A & K, non-heme iron, and fiber. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties to aid in over-health and wellness. Apples provide a great source of vitamin C & fiber as well.” Heather Hanksa Nutritionist and Medical Advisor adds, “Kale, spinach, ginger, and apples are terrific foods to use as medicine. They contain high levels of bioactive compounds that help fight inflammation, which is linked to obesity and poor health.”

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