Health Department issues old tattoos, piercing regulations, causes confusion

Randall Randerson tattoos Michael Holleyman on June 30 at Thunderdome Tattoo in Edmond.  His shop was one of many that received a Health Department email June 23 that sought to

When Sarah and Randall Randerson saw an email from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, they immediately worried.

Their business, Thunderdome Tattoo in Edmond, has always been up to code, Sarah said, so if a regulatory entity is reaching out, something must be wrong.

“We were wondering where this had come from. What happened? Who got in trouble?” she said.

The Health Department’s email sent June 23 sought to “clarify requirements and prohibitions from Title 21 Section 842.3,” the email states. However, the email includes statutes that were revoked from the law almost 20 years ago.

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