How to improve health and well-being benefits

How to improve health and well-being benefits

If employers want their benefits to do the most good for employees, it’s time to think outside the box about how to encourage health and well-being.

Whether it’s helping employees pay off medical debt, or ensuring workers have access to healthy food options, physical health is top of mind for organizations Paytient and FarmBoxRx. Paytient provides an interest-free credit card employees can use to pay for medical expenses, reducing financial stress so employees can focus on getting better. And FarmBoxRx is tackling a persistent issue in the US: access to healthy food. The company provides boxes of produce to people on Medicare and Medicaid, along with recipes and meal plans to help workers prioritize nutrition.

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When it comes to improving and maintaining mental health, having a fulfilling life outside of the office can go a long way. At Haberman, a Minneapolis-based marketing agency, employees get $1,000 and three days of PTO to support a side passion. The benefit encourages work-life balance, which can improve mental health and happiness among their team. Co-founder Sarah Haberman says employees share their passion projects with the rest of the team — she herself is training to become a breathwork facilitator, and plans to teach her team members calming meditations that can help them combat stress.

Look beyond health insurance options when considering healthcare benefits, and get inspired by organizations doing innovative things.

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