No health-insurance choice for YOU!

No health-insurance choice for YOU!

Democrats desire the thought of Americans making their own decisions on health insurance, so President Joe Biden is moving to crush the short-term, limited policies that 1.5 million of us now choose.

That is, he’s rolling back Trump-era regulations that undid Obama rules to allow this choice.

These are less-pricey, customizable policies that Democrats call “junk insurance” because it comes without the bells and whistles they deem necessary.

Current rules let you buy this temporary coverage for up to four years; Biden would limit it to three months, at most four, and to “standard” policies at higher monthly rates: No cost-cutting bargains allowed.

The main point is to give you no coverage choice except an ObamaCare policy, even if you have to pay 50% more, despite all the subsidies for those plans.

Analysts right, center and even on the left agree: Availability of these “cheapie” plans led to increases in health coverage.

Progressives don’t care, because they don’t trust average Americans to choose for themselves.

It’s just one more case where “social justice” turns out to mean bullying everyone to do what the left wants.

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