Walmart Health Nearly Doubles in Size With Launch Into Two New States in 2024

Since we opened our first Walmart Health center in 2019, our goal has been simple: serve our communities by providing accessible, convenient and affordable healthcare. Our healthcare providers don’t just care for patients – they build relationships within their communities.

Take Dr. Umara Saleem at our center in Brandon, Florida, for example. When a middle-aged patient came to see her showing obvious symptoms of a heart attack, she spent an hour persuading the patient to get emergency care, even though this patient was fearful of the hospital. Had Dr. Saleem did not persist, the outcome could have been very serious – the patient had a 99% blockage in her artery. After getting the emergency care she needed, this patient returned to the Walmart Health center to personally thank Dr. Saleem, and the patient have continued to see her to manage her overall health with regular primary care visits. This patient – ​​along with other members of her community – can live better by receiving convenient care where she is already shopping for essentials and healthy food.

Walmart Health Center Expansions Growth

That’s why I’m excited to announce that in 2024 we will be growing in a big way, opening 28 new Walmart Health center locations. This will expand Walmart Health’s footprint into two new states – Missouri and Arizona – and deepen our presence in Texas. By the end of 2024, we’ll have more than 75 Walmart Health centers across the United States.

With this growth in 2024, we will nearly double our current footprint, offering accessible, convenient and affordable care in two new states and expanding our presence in Texas to help the communities we serve live better, healthier lives

Dr. David Carmouche, SVP, Omnichannel Care

The first of the new Walmart Health centers will open in the first quarter of 2024. The specific growth locations include:

  • 10 locations in the Dallas metro area
  • 8 locations in the Houston metro area
  • 6 locations in Phoenix metro area
  • 4 locations in Kansas City, MO, metro area

As we have from the beginning, we will continue to grow and adapt at a responsible pace to better serve the communities where we live and work. With these new locations, we will bring to life some of the feedback we’ve heard from listening to our patients. For example, we are changing the physical footprint and layout of the center so patients spend less time in the waiting room and more time with their doctor. We’ve also integrated modern equipment and technology to enable our providers and patients alike to experience best-in-class healthcare technology. This includes integrating Epic’s electronic health record system across our Walmart Health locations.
One important element that will remain the same is our commitment to addressing a patient’s whole health needs, and that’s why our centers will continue to be staffed with qualified doctors, dentists, behavioral health specialists, community health workers and more. Last year, we opened our Fort Smith, Arkansas, center with a staff possessing a combined 325 years of experience in healthcare.

We know the cost and convenience of healthcare remains a barrier for many Americans, which is why we decided to bring our one-stop model of healthcare to these communities. With 90% of the US population located within 10 miles of a Walmart, Walmart Health is in a unique position to provide quality, affordable health and wellness services where our neighbors already live and shop.

Our patients come to us to receive high quality care that works for their schedule – and within their budget. And we hear from our providers that they enjoy the team-based approach to care that values ​​all clinicians and enables them to practice at the very top of their license.

The new state-of-the-art facilities will be approximately 5,750 square feet, located inside Walmart Supercenters, and will feature Walmart Health’s full suite of health services providing care to busy families. The range of services includes primary care, dental care, behavioral health, labs and X-ray, audiology and Walmart Health Virtual Care telehealth services.

Patients can make an appointment, input insurance information and more at

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