How to maintain healthy eyes in digital age

How to maintain healthy eyes in digital age

Sightsage offers nutritional foods and supplements designed to enhance eyesight, memory, and well-being in the digital screen-filled daily lives of people everywhere

We ask a lot from our eyes, day in and day out. And the burden our eyes carry has never been bigger than in the current digital age. Our daily lives rely on devices for information, communication, work and entertainment. The screens of our phones, laptops, televisions and other devices take a heavy toll on our vision. The blue light of digital screens stresses our eyes absolutely and can cause dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurry vision and myopia.

In fact, almost every other person in societies with high rates of digital device usage is affected by dry eyes. Experts estimate that this figure will rise due to increased screen time as digital devices continue to become part of everyday life starting at an early age.

Studies have shown that excessive, continuous exposure to blue light can damage retinal cells which can lead to macular degeneration. In worst case scenarios, relentless and uninterrupted blue light from screens could cause cataracts (cloudy areas in the lens of the eye) and eye cancer.

Staring at screens depletes the eyes of key nutrients and liquids that work as the organ’s fuel and ensure that it operates smoothly. When the eyes lack these minerals, they first start to get itchy, dry, and they eventually start to hurt. This process accelerates under the lack of natural light in the immediate environment. It is essential to refuel the eyes with what they need. Only with a sufficient supply of these nutrients can we give our eyes a fighting chance to keep up with the increasing use of digital devices and maintain good vision.

Sightsage products help against eye fatigue and dryness

Dr. Yu is a world-renowned doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Photo via Sightsage

Keeping eyes healthy in the digital age is more important than ever. But you don’t need to ditch your devices in order to maintain healthy eyesight. To take a proactive, preventative approach, Sightsage offers natural products to support healthy eyes. Sightsage provides food-based solutions for self-care treatments of eye fatigue and dryness.

Sightsage products work as preventive measures against subclinical diseases. By enriching the eyes with key nutrients, their products prevent vision health problems and support general well-being in the digital age.

The reviews of many satisfied customers from around the world tested the benefits of Sightsage products. Hadi from Ireland says his dry eyes were relieved after just two days of taking two capsules of SightC. Now, he can work on his device screens without facing red, irritated eyes at the end of the work day. “It helps to moisturise my eyes, and makes them less dry and tired,” says Sarah from Malaysia.

One of Sightsage’s most popular products are the Blueberry Gummies. “This supplement really soothes my eyes. After long hours on the computer screen at work, I really felt a difference for the better,” says Charlene, who gave the product five stars.

Your eyes can achieve remarkable things. With Sightsage products, you do more than just refuel your eyes with the nutrients they otherwise lack in digital age. You honor what your eyes do for you daily and support them accordingly. For more information, visit, or follow them on Instagram.

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