Your Daily FoodScope for February 10, 2023

Your Daily FoodScope for February 10, 2023

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Your earning ability may not be what it once was in this tough economy. So you may have to pinch pennies to make ends meet. Expect a bit of a comedown as you tighten the belt, and you may have to replace your expensive steak and lobster with mac and cheese.


Seek out the company of those fighting their own battle of the bulge today. Having a support group could make things easier for everyone. You can admonish each other when the talk turns to the wonders of pizza and they’ll compliment you when you share your low fat tofu manicotti.


You’ll find yourself playing catch-up at work today as the hectic pace threatens to overwhelm you. But skipping lunch will be a mistake as getting hungry will compromise your focus. So eat a roast beef or tuna sandwich with an apple, even if you have to ask a co-worker to go out and get it for you.


You’ll long for something familiar today, perhaps something that will take you back to your childhood. So make a dinner tonight that will put you in rewind. Sloppy Joes will have you sucking your thumb again, especially if you serve them on hamburger rolls.


It’s good to be proud of a new diet but don’t brag about it today. There may be those who are skeptical of your boasts and they’ll want to bring you down. So look over your shoulders as you sneak in those slices of pizza. Your reputation will take a hit if someone captures it on their camera phone.

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Do something different tonight and have dinner at an unusual dining spot. The Swiss cuisine is heavily influenced by French, German and Italian, but they also have their own unique dishes. Chur meat pie is one of the most popular Swiss dishes, as is the dessert called Engadine nut cake.


Dining out calls for the type of etiquette in which you may be lacking. So avoid messy dishes like French onion soup, jambalaya and anything in a cream sauce. You’ll end up wearing most of it on your shirt. And keep your mouth closed when you eat. No one likes the sound of you chomping like a horse.


Feuds with co-workers will undercut office productivity today. So you may have to be the one to forge an uneasy truce. Buy pastries, brew a pot of coffee and have an air-clearing powwow. A few danishes and bear claws could have everyone forgetting what they were fighting about in the first place.


Look deeply at the smaller picture today and you may discover some ghastly truths. Those English muffins are delicious with all of their nooks and crannies. But just below the surface lies…gasp!…hidden reserves of high fructose corn syrup! Stick to the healthier wheat bread for your morning toast.


Take a few moments in the middle of your busy day to relax. You can be the calm eye of the storm if you have a cup of organic chamomile tea and some water crackers with mint jelly. You’ll be ready to jump back into the fray after that, although you’ll be a lot more Zen than you were before.


Boredom could cause you to make uncharacteristic decisions today. So avoid chatting with coworkers around the vending machines where you’ll mindlessly munch on Mars Bars and little bags of Fritos. While you’ll learn all the latest rumors, your expanding waistline could make you the next gossip fodder.


People will notice an inner light shining within you today. It could be the result of a healthy diet. Putting good food into your body will also be good for your soul. So had a green salad today with the usual veggie suspects and some chunks of albacore tuna. You’ll be positively glowing after that!

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