5 Cloud Kitchens that provide healthy food in Delhi-NCR

5 Cloud Kitchens that provide healthy food in Delhi-NCR (Image: Pixabay)
5 Cloud Kitchens that provide healthy food in Delhi-NCR (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : We all know the negative impacts of junk foods that are high in sugar, fats, carbohydrates, and what not. Yet we all are guilty of consuming fast food because let’s be honest, with our hectic schedule we cannot always manage to have healthy, home-cooked meals. The more we decide to have healthy foods, the more we end up choosing convenience over the hard work that goes behind cooking those healthy meals. As times have changed and people prefer ordering food over cooking; what if we tell you you can order healthy food from outside too? Let’s have a look at the top 5 restaurants in Delhi/NCR that offer healthy and tasty food options.

Here’s a list of 5 Cloud Kitchens you can try in Delhi/NCR

1. The Fit Food

Launched in 2017 as a takeaway joint in Gurgaon, ‘The Fit Food’ today is successfully operating its cloud kitchens across Delhi/NCR and fine dining restaurants in Gurgaon and Jaipur. It is known for its affordable, unmatched quality and nutritious food. It operates with a motive to fulfill your nutritional needs and thus, offers pocket-friendly monthly and yearly subscription plans. They provide a wide range of food to satisfy your cravings like Fitness Omelette, Fresh Fruit Bowl, Egg Bhurji Sprout Salad, Avocado Veggies Wrap, Penne Mix Sauce, and many more. You can also try their fresh beverages, natural juices, desserts, meal boxes and healthy subs. You can easily order from their website or through Zomato & Swiggy.

Price Range – Rs.50 to Rs.300 approx

2. Getafix Café

Getafix Café revolution is to serve you food cooked healthily so that you eat healthy, be fit and stay active. You name it and you’ll get it. Here you will find a variety of healthy food options to keep your tummy happy like baked beans, toasted peanuts, mango smoothies, ham and cheese, fried eggs and many more. So you can satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty.

Price Range – Rs. 150 to 1000 approx

3. Nutrio Box

NutrioBox only obtains fruits and vegetables that have been organically farmed, and they also make (excellent!) raw-pressed juices. Their recipes are full of superfoods such as quinoa, brown rice, chia seeds, avocados and many more as their only motive is to troop on over for yummy and healthy eats. They make sure that you get the proper nutrition with every meal of yours.

Price Range – Rs.100 to Rs.700 approx


4. The Tea Room from Blossom Kochhar

Words like “quaint,” “wholesome,” and “just nice vibes” are appropriate to characterize the place, The Tea Room from Blossom Kochhar. We’re sure that you will all fall in love with this place, whether you come for breakfast, brunch, or simply a cup of coffee. Their salads, coffee, and smoothies are a must-try. Their wide variety of options to choose from will leave you in a dilemma about what to eat and what not to eat.

Price Range – Rs.100 to Rs.1000 approx

5. House of Proteins

This café offers a broad variety of mouth watering food and has over 350 healthy options on the menu. You can get whatever you want here, whether it is vegan, healthy, Italian or Indian. House of Protein’s USP is that it is healthy, mindful, soulful, and aesthetically pleasing. You can not just satisfy your hunger here too without eating junk but also get aesthetic pictures to post on Instagram.

Price Range – Rs.200 to Rs.800 approx

Don’t have time to visit these cloud kitchens? Simply order from their website or through any food ordering app. Eating a healthy meal is not so difficult now, thanks to these cloud kitchens.

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