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In today’s fast-paced yet sedentary life, two of the most important things are peace of mind and health. We need a balance of both. Lack of either makes one incomplete and unhappy. It is said that the majority of ailments are caused by psychological factors. In recent years, researchers have been able to link certain kinds of emotions with ailments they trigger and magnify.

For example, those who are jealous of others are more likely to suffer from acidity and skin disorders. People who are perfectionists and get upset if everything is not exactly the way they want it to be at greater risk of suffering from migraine and heart disease. Those who are chronically unhappy have stomach ailments. And those who suppress their feelings or are unable to forgive others can develop serious ailments.

We need to learn that just as our emotions can make us sick, the right kind of emotions can make us healthy and happy as well. It is said that people who are content, loving, happy, and carefree are less likely to fall ill. If we wish to remain healthy, we need to embrace positivity. Some people complain that this is easier said than done.


That is true, but every situation has a silver lining, and we should try to identify that. Sometimes, it may not be immediately visible, and in such cases, we can tell ourselves that there will surely be some benefit from it in the future.

If we find it difficult to think positively at the beginning, we can at least think right. For example, if we are unwell, we can think of getting well soon. Doctors will give you medication and guidance to help you recover, but if you don’t take responsibility for your health, think positive and motivate yourself. You may not be able to recover quickly. We need to work on our emotions, which have the power to change the course of many things within and around us. We can create healthy and higher beliefs like affirming that “I am healthy”, “I am peaceful and calm”. Of course, we will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

One of the first steps to heal our bodies is to have positive thinking – start by appreciating ourselves, our bodies, and our minds. Second, take steps to keep your body healthy – exercise, walk, go for a run. If you are suffering from any abuse, affirm that you will be better, become whole and healthy again. The more powerfully you visualize this, the better the results will be. Give it a try, your health is your birthright and your responsibility.

– Courtesy: Rajyoga Meditation Center, Kingston (meditation courses and counseling are offered free of charge). Email: [email protected]. Or follow them on Instagram: rajyoga_meditation_jamaica

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