Viral Video: Heres How A Mother Sneaked In Healthful Meals To Her Toddler

Viral Video: Heres How A Mother Sneaked In Healthful Meals To Her Toddler

Within the case of chips, burgers, pizza or momos – these meals can have a great deal of takers amongst children. Nevertheless can healthful greens and fruit uncover the similar diploma of enthusiasm? New mom and father would agree that feeding younger kids healthful meals is often a big exercise. There are a lot of trendy strategies that parents use to disguise modern greens and fruit as one factor delicious. When you possibly can resonate with this wrestle, we now have found the final phrase video for you. In a contemporary viral video, a mother shared how she hilariously disguised healthful meals as junk and tricked her toddler into consuming it. Take a look:

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The video was shared initially by the favored cope with @Serina_0095. It rapidly went viral on all social media platforms, garnering tens of 1000’s of views on a variety of platforms along with Twitter and YouTube. Throughout the hilarious clips, the toddler was tricked into consuming a variety of fruits like bananas and even milk. The clever implies that the mom Serina used was inside the presentation. For instance, Serina used a popsicle stick inside a banana to make it appear to be ice cream. Equally, she decrease up slices of banana and added them to an empty packet of chips to trick her toddler into consuming them. Lastly, she added a slice of tomato to a toffee wrapper, and the child fortuitously ate it too!

The hilarious video acquired a variety of reactions from Twitter prospects. Many known as her ‘mother of the yr’ and wanted her to be provided with the ‘Oscar Award’ for her skills. Various wanted to be taught from her and implement associated feeding strategies with their children too.

Try the funniest reactions on Twitter:

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